WWI Letter Luxembourg January 18, 1919 Army Doctor

 This letter was written by a U.S. Army Doctor Lieutenant. He was in Luxembourg at the time he wrote the letter, January 18, 1919 (the letter was incorrectly dated 1918). It is interesting to note that inside this letter was a stick of gum, that had been there since 1918. There is a scan of it below. From the letter……

Darling Esther,

   Well  dearie, I got one letter today and one is enough when it is from the right one, and it was. It also was written on Christmas, and a very nice Xmas present it was too. Dearie when you tell me about spending so much money almost like you thought I might not think you would. Darling you know what’s mine is yours and I surely don’t want you to feel that you should go to work to replace it in the bank, because you know you don’t. Anything we put in the bank is ours, kept there till we need it then use it as we wish. You must not ever think I will criticize or even insinuate that you spend too much or too little. I think you feel the way I do about our bank account, that what we lay up we can use very nicely when we start out and should we start out alone, I mean not have something on the side to make expenses from the start by being associated with somebody, we may also need it till we get started. I think all the more of you of course for being so considerate in your ways and am sure I judged you rightly.
   You surely have a great lot of things for our home haven’t you. I surely have some wifie, I tell you. I bet those stockings were fine. You better get some more if you need them. I always like to see nice stockings-- on my wife of course.
   An electric toaster is also nice. On that turkey it listens good all right. I surely hope that next xmas we will be together at least surely do hope that anyway. I heard some artillery in the distance today guess some of our division artillery at practice. Queer how you will cock one ear up as though to listen for the shell coming. Habit is a bad habit as the Dutchman says. We are to have a band concert in the P.M. tomorrow so wish you might come over and hear it as of yore, but sorry you can’t accept as I would enjoy it more with you there.
   Well I wished I knew when I might go home so I could tell you. Really it is quite useless to speculate on going home and even rumors-the life of the army -are slow lately. Must close with lots of love and more kisses from your hubby.

Best wishes to you as ever,

  This is the stick of Beeman's Chewing-Pepsin Gum, that was contained in this letter.

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