112th Ammuntion Train, A.E.F. England WWI Letter 1918

This letter was written by a soldier who was with the American Expeditionary Forces , July 18, 1918. He was “Somewhere in England”, with Company A, 112th Ammunition Train, A.E.F. From the letter…….

My Dearest Friend,

   Have a little time left this afternoon and will endeavor to work a few lines to leave you know that I am well and getting along fine. So will write a little about our trip coming over here. We started from Camp Upton and went to Philadelphia and got on a transport there and left there the same evening that was the 27th of June. We got in Halifax on the following Sunday and saw the place where the buildings were ruined when they had that big explosion last winter. That surely must have been a terrible force of that explosion.
    We left Halifax July 4th in the evening. The following Sunday and Monday I was a little sea sick but got over it all right. On Saturday July 13th a Submarine attacked one of our transports and I think it fired a torpedo and struck the ship. I don’t think it done very much damage as the ship kept right on going. Some Sub Chasers went after the Submarine and they say Captured it and brought it in port. The next day we arrived in Liverpool, England and got off the ship in the evening and hiked about 6 or 7 miles to a Camp and stayed there all night. Surely was stiff and sore the next morning when I got up. It was raining and the stones were slippery, and it was hard walking. Every bone in my body ached. But am feeling fine now again.
   When we left Liverpool, we got on a train and started across England. Saw some beautiful sights here and went through quite a number of beautiful towns. All the houses and barns are built out of brick and to my judgment a dozen or so families live in one big home. The houses are about a block long. Sure is a great difference between our ways of living and the way they live here.
   That is all the further I dare write about our trip but will write more when we leave this place.  ? And Herbst are both all O.K. and see each other often. But haven’t saw Plingry?? Since we left Camp Sheridan. We was figuring up the miles se traveled since we left home and we made about 5,000 miles in all.
   I wish you would let Will read this letter also and then it will save me writing two letters. He can tell the rest of them that I am well and will drop ? A card and also Anna. I wrote the folks a letter a while ago. I will not be able to write so often now as I will be pretty busy. I hope I get some mail soon from you and the folks. Haven’t gotten a letter since I left Upton.
   Well I must close now and give my best to all and hoping you are well and to hear from you soon.

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