Camp Cody Base Hospital Letter August 1918


This letter was written by a doctor, who was writing from the Base Hospital at Camp Cody, New Mexico. The letter was written during WWI, in August of 1918. From the letter.....

  Your welcome letter received and also the package containing cigarettes, for which I wish to thank you very much. Same old thing down here nothing very exciting and hardly any signs of war. You see we are so far away from the civilized world that news does not gret here and whenit shoudl by chance find its way in here why then it is all mixed up. 
  Speaking of lodge yes there is one in town. I put in an application for a furlough to go to Santa Fe N.M. to take the consistory and Shiner's degrees but I hardly think it will be granted. The authorities at Santa Fe pay all of our expenses to and from and have a special train from camp. I think I am S.O.L. (ask Fred what this means) because our department expects to move before the time set by the lodge. 
  We have had some pretyy nice weather these past few days and hope it continues. our nights are getting real cold and the fun is they took away all but one blanket and our matresses. We sleep on folding cots. 
  Our meals are continueing as fine as ever and I asure you I am not losing any weight. With nothing more to write I will close with kindest regardes to all

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Photo shows officers of the 34th Division at Camp Cody, in June of 1918. 
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