USS Oklahoma WWI Letter and Photo November 1918

This letter was written by a sailor who was serving aboard the USS Oklahoma during WWI. The letter was written November 27, 1918. From the letter……

   I will drop you a few lines to let you know I am well except a cold. I am now in Portland England. I just arrived here a few hours ago. I left Bantry Bay Ireland yesterday. I am about one hundred miles from London. I am going to London next wee on a seventy-two hour liberty. We are going to leave here in a about tow weeks for sea a few days. When we return we are going to somewhere in France. I have not heard where yet, but it will be near Paris.
    While I was in Bantry Bay Ireland I was ashore for gas instructions. We taken our gas mask with us. We went in gas called chlorine which was poison. A man without a mask could not live over thirty seconds. We also went in tear gas, that would effect your eyes if you did not have a mask. They also had mustard gas and several other kinds which they captured from the Germans in the trenches.
   The Influenza on board ship is about all over. We had about five or six to die with it. Our gunnery officer which was commander Lakkey??? Died with it.
   The war is about all over now. They have stopped censoring our mail. I am sending with this letter a picture which came from Ireland. Hoping when this reaches you it will find all well and getting along ok. I wrote you a letter a few days ago. Tell Sister and family I said hello and to write. I expect to go to France in about two weeks for a few days then return to the States. I expect to be in the States in January. I don’t think we can get to the States by Xmas, for we are going to have a fleet review over here.
   My papers for a discharge have been ok on board ship and sent to Washington. You will understand by the letter I wrote last Saturday, as I don’t know of much news I will close for this time. If I get my discharge I would like to get a job back at the a.b.k. and pipe shop at S.A.S.

Write soon, Your Son  

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