130th Infantry US Doctor, British Ambulance Company WWI Letter June 3, 1918

This letter was written by a U.S. Doctor, who was with the 130th Infantry, but at the time was assigned to a British Unit. The letter was written “Somewhere in France”, June 3, 1918. (this letter was one of six found in the same envelope) From the letter…..

   There has surely been a lot of changes since I left America. I know dear you have been wondering where I am. Really it doesn’t seem so much more warlike here than in America. There was an air raid on a little town about 12 miles from here last night. You ca feel assured that they won’t waste any bombs on little towns such as we are billeted in. My earnest wish is that you won’t worry about me and send any letters on home so they can hear from me too. I don’t want to write more letters than I need to, to tell all that is going on and since it is all in the family I know they won’t think I am slighting them when they would hear from me more often this way. When I get back I can tell you all the particulars you know then. Are you writing to Nelli to see when she is coming to Colo? My but I bet you will  have a dandy time wish I could act as chauffeur for you.  I often think of our Colorado trip when I get moody to cheer up a bit, not that I get moody often, but one does think  of things more pleasant at times you know. Everything is going along very well under the present conditions but quite different from Camp Logan. Now and then one hears rumors of how the war is going but don’t see a newspaper often so suppose you hear more about it than we do. So I can imagine your following the war, German drives etc. thinking whether I am in front of this one or not. Sorry I can’t give you a clearer idea than I have and as it is nine o’clock and I have to quit tonight. We don’t use any lights more than we can get along without as they may draw bombs but while not likely we don’t want to take any chances now so when we get up closer we will have precautions down to a second nature.
   We can hear some big guns booming at times here but suppose it will be several weeks till we will get up very much closer and I guess the Germans won’t’ come very much closer to us at least they will pay for it if they do. I am going to send you some poppies that I picked they grow wild here as well as a lot of different kinds of flowers. The roses are also beautiful. The people where we stay are very nice although we can’t talk much to them, and have a great time trying. The lady brought me a bouquet of roses last evening and I do wish I could in turn, give them to you dear. We are a little far back to get any wounded dressings. They have their buildings made into a kind of court. The house opposite the opening their building along the sides and on each side of the gate which are mostly of heavy iron. Some have the cows chickens or horses in these and throw the manure into the court. Some have a frog pond or water pool with green scum on it. The people are quite set in their ways about things but we will get them cleaned up after while I guess. Well I guess there is no news. Never felt better physically in my life. Love to you dearest wifie, and best of wishes.

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