130th US Infantry Doctor WWI Letter (British Ambulance Co.) June 11, 1918

This letter was written by a U.S. Doctor, who was with the 130th Infantry, but at the time was assigned to a British Unit. The letter was written from France, June 11 1918. (this letter was one of 6 found in the same envelope) From the letter…..


   Well dear I am still with the British Field Ambulance Co. It seem mighty fine to be able to take things comparatively easy again. In that I arise at 8 AM when my footman? Comes up to shine my shoes and ? Make my bed and straighten up my room at 9. We have breakfast at 9:30 we all go over the orders and get any new assignments, we may have for the day. At present I have charge of the patients in the Chateau and a British Major has the other half. I make rounds of all the patients at night. The contagious cases mostly Mumps are out in tents and are e looked after by a Major and another Lt. M.R.C. USA. They sure do have a fine mess served in courses and principally due to having a dandy good cook. The English look after their comfort and that of their men, I think very well.
   I guess our battalion has move since I left so guess they will take my things along too, but don’t know when I will get to see them again, but I am quite well prepared to get along without the rest of my belongings. We had a nice rain last PM which makes things look green again. Had a nice walk too last PM. Thru the country about all is so green and nice, I enjoyed it all very much. Sure do wish I could her from yo darling wifie seems an age ago. Hope you u have heard from me long. This is about my 6th letter I have written from this side. Seems as though there is not much news to write. Haven’t’ written Father and Mother letters yet as I can write you all at once but will write them soon too. Have been quite busy except when I have gotten away from here once or twice. Have been taking it sort of easy like, so I could get the best of my change in case I am sent back to the reg. soon. Capt. Y. who was here a day or two was transferred to another place so am alone now as far as other regimental men is concerned. The other Lieut. Here was a John Hopkins man came in right out of the end of school I think. He is quite like a lot of Hopkins men I have known, thinking it is the only school and is a little affected but I should worry I don’t follow him that a cinch now since I have the workings of the place.
   Haven’t’ heard any bombing since the first night out here. I guess the allies are doing OK and keep them pretty busy now. Wish I could happen in and see you all, would be satisfied even with a talk on the back stair dear. Sure that I would appreciate them now more than formerly if that would be possible. I often wonder what you all are doing so far away and of course hope with you that it all will be over very soon as I don’t want my wife to always nurse other people do I dear. Love you and best of wishes,

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