130th US Infantry Doctor WWI Letter (British Ambulance Co.) June 13, 1918

This letter was written by a U.S. Doctor, who was with the 130th Infantry, but at the time was assigned to a British Unit. The letter was written “Same place in France“, June 13, 1918. (this letter was one of six found in the same envelope) From the letter…..

   Well I have made my rounds in the hospital and then went with tone of the British Majors and the US Lieutenant to a French house and bought a bowl of milk which was just fresh and very good I assure you. We have dinner about 1:00 so I have time to write you a letter dear. I am trying to make myself as much in your presence as possible since I have your pictures out in plain sight and I can almost imagine I can see your pleasant smile as in that picture of ours taken at Houston. I am wondering what you might be doing today darling, and if you are well and happy. I take it that you are. I am feeling in first class condition and still enjoying the quiet of the place. Thought I would get a ride back to the regiment and see Tommie but didn’t get to as the ambulance went in the other direction. Wish I could just wake up sometime and be in the U.S. to see you and talk things over as we always did know writing was a poor substitute didn’t we dear. But we will hope the next time fate brings us together we will be together fro keeps. 
   Haven’t made much progress with my French in fact haven’t even looked at the book for some days now and I fear one wont get very far that way. I wonder and hope that you got your allotment OK dear. Haven’t’ sent in my voucher for last month yet  so I will be having two pay days soon if I don’t get a chance to send it in soon. Do you see any of the old mutual friends dear if you do tell them I send my regards and best wishes. Has Ray gone away yet? Has Edith had any more headaches and how is Mother Danielson? Suppose Daddy Danielson is busy as usual. I know Father and Mother must be busy about this time hope all are as well as I am. I often read the little verse you wrote in the flyleaf and hope we all live up to those comforting words. I am OK don’t worry about me any of you. The weather is fine here now. Had a little rain the other day and has been cloudy some parts of the day since.
Hope the time will not be far distant when I can some back to you not to be pulled away by a similar motive ie “War”. Continue to be a good soldier and I will do my best to be one too dear. 

Love as ever,

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