32nd Engineers WWI Letter January 16, 1919

This letter was written by a soldier in France, after armistice, January 16, 1919. He was with the 32nd Engineers, and was in the hospital when this letter was written. The envelope contained two letters. This one, and another one dated Jan. 20. This is the first (16th). From the letter…….

Dear Folks,

   Have received your letters of December 12, 15, and 17, and was glad to hear you were getting along all right. Received a letter from Aloys dated December 10th, and from what he says the “flu” is still pretty bad around there. Hope it doesn’t spread any further. Also received a letter from Eva, and they have plenty down in that part of the country. Have been having an easy time of it the past few days, am in the hospital, tonsillitis, expect to be out soon. Will close for this time, and will write again when I get back to the barracks.  

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