32nd Engineers WWI Letter June 24th 1918

This letter was written by a soldier in France during WWI. The letter was written June 24, 1918. He was with the 32nd Engineers. From the letter…..

Dear Folks, 

   I am now “Somewhere in France”, having had a safe and pleasant trip across the big pond. I enjoyed the voyage very much, and was not a bit seasick as there was no stormy weather to cause any large waves. I slept like a top each night on board, and we sure had good food. The first day or two I had quite a time getting back to my bunk in coming  from the dining room, as it was quite a large ship and there were many passage ways, so it was easy to get mixed up. From what I have seen of this country I like it very much, and I heard some of the boys say they would like to live here. The crops look fine, especially the wheat. Of course they do not farm as big as we do in the U.S., but they make every thing count. The women here sue know how to work.
   It does not get dark here till ten or a little later, and it begins to get daylight about three in the morning, so the days are longer it seem queer to go to bed when the sun is still shining. When it is dinner time here you folks back in Iowa are eating breakfast. I suppose you got the card I mailed before I left. I also sent on to Dick, and one to the Tribune, so in case yours got lost you would hear from me. I suppose you wondered why you hadn’t heard from me before. I will do the best I can at writing, so you must not worry, if you do not hear from me as often as you think you should. So long for this time.

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