32nd Engineers WWI Letter October 25, 1918

This letter was written by a soldier in France, during WWI, on October 25, 1918. He was with the 32nd Engineers. From the letter…..

Got back to the barracks this morning, and am feeling fine. I unpacked the flashlight, but haven’t much use for it now, will put it away until some future time when things may look dark to me. Will keep the $4.00 bill in my pocket, for we get plenty to eat here in camp without going to any French cafes.  Your sure got a good price for the spring calves. They must have almost brought enough to pay  for the $1,300.00 allotment of bonds. Sorry to hear about Dr. Rawlins, he should have took things easier. There was no use of him working the way he did. Glad to hear that the car works all right for Cummings. You got a good price for the little engine. I suppose machinery is high now, same as everything else. Yes, I am still in the same camp. I have wondered if you didn’t have a map of France somewhere in the house.
   The weather here is fine, cool but not cold. There has been two frosts, but they didn’t hurt anything much. This morning when I got back from the hospital I was given two suits of heavy underwear and five pairs of heavy sox, and I cleaned up and put on a suit, they sure feel comfortable.
   Tomorrow I will are if they have any magazines left, and will send you some. I suppose you have the others by now.
   Yes, the war news is very encouraging. President Wilson surely can tell the Kaiser where to get off at. I hope they fight it to a finish, and do a good job, so wont have to come over here again.
    It will be a good thing if Dad gets rid of the trustee business of Media’s. It made quite a lot of bother. Too bad for her father, but he should have saved his money and he wouldn’t be where he is now. I suppose it will be rather hard for Guetzloffs to get along without Tats, but I don’t suppose people have much sympathy for them, being as they are rather on the pro-order. Well, it’s about bed time. Will write again soon.

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