418th Tel. Bn. Mont-Louis France, WWI letter

This letter was written by a soldier in France after armistice, in February 2, 1919. He was with the 418th Tel. Bn. S.C. From the letter……

Dear John, Martha and all,

   Got a letter from Mother saying your sister and daughter has passed away. I sympathize with you, and know your sorrows. There is now sting in the grave to a Christian girl like May an she has received a reward of a Christian. I say to you all to fight on and face the problems of life with a smile and never give up[. I myself have seen real war, have seen my comrades die in the presence of me, have seen many on their last ride to their place of rest and it all makes me feel one should keep going and face everything like a man even up until the time of facing death. Today is ground Hogs day and the sun is O.K. Like a diamond so you know what it means. We are still in France, moved last week to this town 7 miles from Tours, are quite comfortable fixed and I hope, not sure, we are waiting for orders to go home. There is no place like the good old, U.S. Good-bye and good-luck,

Love to all,

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