Hispanic Soldier 72nd Infantry Brigade, 36th Infantry Division WWI Letter 1918

This letter was written by a Hispanic Soldier by the name of Fernandez. He was writing from Tanlay, Department of Yonne, France after armistice, on December 8, 1918. He was with the 72nd Infantry Brigade, 36th Infantry Division. From the letter……

   Many things have happened since I wrote you last. I thought then that we would return to the Front before I have another chance to write to you again; but fortunately the armistice came to pass before we started back to punish the Huns.
   Does it not seem to you that we would see each other before many months? Even though things might change and we are ordered back toward Germany to join the army of occupation, still I see the possibility of our coming home soon. You know that my thoughts are now directed toward life after the war, and that I am depending on you to help Katharine and me make an honest, and good beginning.
   Mon chere Pere, you see that I lay all my pride aside, and come to you for help, because I feel that you understand me better than anybody else. I assure you, for Katharine’s sake, that you will never have the cause to regret what you do, and that you will find me hot ungrateful. I want you to know that we want to be independent of everybody but you. Therefore, whatever plans you may have, please keep it to yourself and Katharine.
   In one of her last letters, she almost scared me into fits, when she mentioned that you were about to have an operation on your ears, but such an anxiety was relieved when another letter came, telling that it was not at all serious. I trust that you are no longer troubled with it.

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