Army Lt. France October 1918 WWI Letter

This letter was written by an Army Lieutenant, in France, during WWI, on October 3, 1918. From the letter…..

   Your letters of Sunday Aug 25, Tuesday night Aug. 27, and Sat. Aug. 31 were received four days ago the nice long letters of the 25, and 27, were a great pleasure and appreciated them beyond expression. The snap shots in the other short note were appreciated very very much, had been wanting them and hope you continue to send me some along.
   Your nice long letter of Sept. 1st, with clippings and the nice long letter of Sept 3rd, were received last night, at same time received a ?? Herald from you. No do not get any of the home papers regular. Paul sends me on occasionally. I appreciated the clippings and the paper very much and would appreciate you sending me clippings, papers, and an occasional magazine.
   You can not imagine how much I appreciate your letters and am sorry can not write you a long letter in return.
   Know you are enjoying the show openings and with could be with you! Just remember little girlie that if I should become a casualty that I was thinking of you to the last. Great events are happening over here, you no doubt get full news of them though.
   May not get to mail this letter as Hq. is packing up for the move any way it may be delayed. Will write as soon as get back and before if possible.

Must close, with love,

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