Army Nurse Camp Fremont, California Base Hospital WWI Letter 1918

This letter was written by an Army Nurse, who was based at the U.S. Base Hospital, Camp Fremont, California. The letter was written on Thanksgiving Day, 1918. She was writing to a Captain. From the letter…..

Dear M:

   My forgiveness, and sympathy if you feel that either or both will help you any. Your little letter written the 22nd and mailed from ? Just came yesterday.
   Heard today that nurses who came into service after the 1st of November will be discharged. This is not official, but wouldn’t be at all surprised if such a thing happened. Even so, I think I will remain in California for the winter.
   Your letters from Washington and New York have not yet arrived. Am having a 36 hour leave beginning this P.M. and am going to San Francisco , with some of the girls. Hope to have a letter from you when I return.

Your, B.C.

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