Banana Wars Letter Dominican Republic 1918

This letter was written by a U.S. Marine, who was involved in the “Banana Wars”. His location was not mentioned in this letter, but he spent time in the Dominican Republic. This letter was written October 18, 1918. From the letter…..

   I am glad that you granted me my request fro your picture and want to thank you very much for them. They are fine and I can readily see that you are not the same as when I left. To tell the truth, you really look younger, due I guess to the fact that you have not much worry. The photographers refuse to take my picture, for what reasons I don't know, but I guess the country must have made me more bum looking than what I was.
   A few exciting things have happened since I last wrote some were sorrowful and the other was exciting. The first happening was a suicide, of a Captain, fearing trial by G.C.M. A day or two later a fellow who is in another company, and with whom I had become good friends, was accidentally shot while standing in front of the tent next to mine. A recruit who had come off guard that morning noticed that his rifle was cocked and without using sense, he pulled the trigger. The rifle was slung under his cot, pointing to the rear of his tent. The bullet hit my friend under the left shoulder blade, passing through his left lung, just touching his heart. The Colonels Ford happened to be in camp and ready to start and he was rushed to the hospital, where, by skillful treatment of our Doctor, his life was saved. he is walking about the hospital now, but it will be three months before hi is back to duty. 
   On the eleventh of the month, while a few of us were sitting in another fellows ten everything in it started to shake. we all thought some one was shaking the floor, but one of the fellows happened to see water splashing out of a bucket. That being my first experience with an earthquake, I was shaky for a while, but soon got used to the rolling feeling. We heard that night, by wireless that the earthquake was in Proto Rico. Believe me, I don't want to be near an earthquake when it gets started.
   From what I hear, it looks as though Germany was ready to quit. I hope they are whipped now, but still think we will be over the seas before long. Everybody will be glad to see Germany defeated so bad that she will never come back. I am sure now that our President will see that everything is run on the square and Germany has learned that what Mr. Wilson says goes. Everything would be fine if the government would send us back to U.S.A.
   I forgot to say that two letters came at once.On one I saw the first air mail stamp and it surprised me when I first saw it. How is Charlie making out in the Navy? Did he get into aviation yet? I guess he is like all men in the service, anxious to get across, but I guess whatever happens will be for the best. 
   My electric light is going out now, so I will have to close. Give my regards to your Father and to Charlie when you write him.

Your friend,

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