Battery C, 51st Artillery WWI Letter June 13, 1918

This letter was written by a soldier who was in France, during WWI, with Battery C, 51st Artillery. The letter was written June 13, 1918. From the letter…..

   Received your letter and was glad to hear from you and that all was well. This leaves me well and hope will find you still the same. I had began to think that you had forgotten me for it had been almost a month since I had heard from you. Well, I hope Bob and Founts like soldiers life which I feel like they will like fine. It is a great life when you get to be an old soldier especially when you are in France. Yes, I am on the front now but had just as soon be here as any where else for I don’t mind it the least bit. You asked me if I had ever seen any of the boys over here that I knew, no I haven’t seen any of them yet.
   Well, I hope bud Orr and Jim all will get to go together when they go to camp. I wonder how Jes is doing I haven’t heard from him since have been in France. I have written him several letters but haven’t heard from him yet. You know a fellow can do good or bad in the army of course, I hope he is doing well. I have done my best and think I have done very well. I am mechanic in the Battery now which makes me $10.00 more a month. I get $44.80 a month now. I think that is getter than he has done so far. You asked me if I could tell you if I were on the front yes I am on the front but can’t tell you how long I have been here all I can say is that I am here.
   Say you know I asked about Virginia McLain I know a fellow here in the Battery that knew her before he joined the army and he asked me to find out if she were married and I told him I would. Well Elma I have wrote all I can think of this time don’t guess you can read this for I had to write it in a short time. Will close hoping to hear from you soon.

From your friend, 

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