Canadian POW Germany August 29, 1915 WWI Letter

This letter was written in August 29, 1915, by a Canadian Soldier who was writing his Mother in England. He was in the 10th Battalion, or Battery Canadians, being held at Lauger 2. Block 4, Rennbahn Camp, Munster, Westphalic, Germany. From the letter…..

Dear Mother,

   I received your letter on the 23rd containing the sad news of poor Dad. I feel it awful and being so far away from you too, still Mother don’t worry too much, as that can not do any good, it was God’s will that tit should be so. I would like to be at home to help you a little. I am so pleased it was a “Choral Service”, how nice it would be. It was very comforting for you to have Maggie at home, I hope the stay at Ethel’s will do you good. I have had rheumatics but am better now. The time passes here very quickly, the officer here is very good and allowing me to write a letter this week. I am receiving all parcels regular, which is one good thing. I must now close, try and cheer up, with best love to all from Your Son, Harry   

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