Company A, 101st U.S. Engineers, A.E.F. WWI Letter Feb. 22, 1919

This letter was written by a soldier in France, February 22, 1919. He was in Company A, 101st U.S. Engineers, A.E.F. From the letter…..

   I received your letter of Jan. 1st just a few days before leaving the tow of Vesaignes. I was mighty glad to hear from you and fully intended writing to you before this late date, but some how or other the time slipped by before I knew it. However, that doesn’t help matters any so here goes.
   It will be just two weeks tomorrow morning since we landed in this town of Monce’ which is not far from the city of Le Mans.
   As I understand it, we are now located in what is known as an embarkation area and will remain here until we move to the coast. The opinion of most of the fellows is, that we will be home by Easter at the latest. I certainly hope so. The time when we set sail for the USA can’t ‘come any to soon for me.
   I am most fortunate in having a very good billet. There are eight of us in a little room in the rear of a house. We sleep on the bed-ticks filled with straw and have plenty of blankets.
   The fire-place nearly smoked us out the first few days we used it, but now we have a stove set up which is a great improvement.
   Glad to know that the Smith Class is still on the job and that it has a live man for president. Many thanks for the invitation card enclosed with your letter. It’s a well designed little card. Kindly remember me to all the fellows in the class.
   Now, old man, don’t feel too badly over the fact that you were not accepted the day we went up to the Armory together. True enough it has been a great disappointment to you not to have been able to get into the game, but you are not to blame in the least, you did your bet and no man can do more than that.
   Someday, before a great many weeks have passed we will get together and talk the whole thing over. Well, as it’s almost time to hit the hay, I’ll come to a close hoping that everything is OK at Burdett’s and that you are enjoying the best of health.

I remain your sincere friend.

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