Evacuation Hospital #1 France WWI Letter August 1918

This letter was written by a soldier who was in France during WWI, with Evacuation Hospital #1. The letter was written August 1918. From the letter…..

  Well Georgia, how are you today? I hope that you are e well and feeling fine. I am all O.K. I have been busy all the time. But not very hard work. Just to see that the other fellow does his work. It has been a warm day here today, but I have been inside all the time so I don’t mind it. Oh but I wish that I had some Ice Cream this afternoon, but I guess that I will have to wait until I get back home, before I get much cold drinks. I went out walking last night after supper to a French House for some Eggs, but they didn’t have any, so I cam back disappointed. I just wish that you could see how they furnish their houses and so many many things that are so much different to what you ever saw.
   I was in a Cathedral the other day, and it certainly was grand so much carving and it had been built for over three hundred years. I could write a long letter about it, but I think that I will wait until I get back. I wish that you was here this afternoon. I’ll bet that I could talk as much as you could. I got a letter Monday from Mama, and she sent me some pictures of our home and some others. They sure did make me home sick. We are putting in a new Bakery, and we are going to bake our won bread so that we will have fresh bread all the time of course, I will have some pies on the side. I had some new tomatoes yesterday and some large blue plums. Most all the berries are gone, all but a few black berries. I seen some peaches the other day, but they wasn’t ripe yet, so I didn’t get any of them.
   The Americans are still victorious, so I hope that it won’t be much longer until I will be started home. I guess that you are having a good time in Hutchinson. I wish that I could surprise you some times come in on you. Well, I must close for this time.

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