Evacuation Hospital No. 1, Med. Dept. A.E.F. WWI Letter

February 25, 1918;  Private First Class, Evacuation Hospital No. 1, Med. Dept. A.E.F.

Dear Georgia,

    Well I just got through eating supper and I haven’t got much to do before bed time so just thought I would write and let you no that I am well a feeling fine to night.
It has been trying to rain more all day but hasn’t rained very hard. And it sleeted just a little bit the that I have seen in a long time for it don’t get very cold here. From what I can here it sure has been cold in Kansas.
   Have you taken a sleigh ride this winter yet it don’t look like that I will get to take one this winter.
   What did you do Sunday to pass away the time. You cant imagine how much I would liked to have seen you Sunday are any other time that I could I am as busy on Sunday as I am through the week.
   I get up in the morning at five thirty. And get through in the evening at ten thirty
I still have the same job as I did at Fort Riley.
Well I don’t know anything more to tell you to night so good night and with lots of love, Harry

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