Graves Regestration Service WWI Letter Neufchateau, France

This letter was written well after armistice, by a soldier who was still in Neufchateau, France, working with the Graves Registration Service. From the letter…….

   Must write you a few lines this afternoon to leave you know that I am all OK at his time and hope that you are the same. It is very hot here this afternoon and do not know what to do with myself. I hope that something will turn up for me to do but I guess not. If I feel like it I think that I will take a little walk this evening to get the laziness out of me. Cpl. Spalding and myself are the only one s in the office this afternoon writing letters and last night we went up town and got some of the pictures that we had printed. I am sending you some of the devastated regions from  up in the Argonne were we were on September 26th, 1918. You will see that we could not see anything but ruined towns and shell holes. I wish that I had some bigger pictures so you could see plainer and more. But a camera is very hard to get over here and I was very lucky in getting these. I am also sending Mr. Tibbits some of them for I know that he has not gotten any of them yet and will be very pleased with them. I am going to get some of these enlarged and have them hung up on the wall when I get home.
   I have also received one picture from the city of Reims that shows the big famous cathedral that was pretty well shot up. There is not a whole plate glass left in this cathedral. It sure is a shame the way some thing sure shot up and will never be replaced to my estimation. If they do try and replace them it will take a long time and a lot of expense. 
   All the troops have move out of this town and have gone home but a few. Not  an M.P. left in town and it seems awful dead. I suppose that there will be a lot of girls coming up on the hill to entice the boys to go out with them., but they had not better come around me or they will get a hob nail shoe thrown at them. There sure is a lot of bad character of girls in this country and have e a lot of nerve when talking to a fellow. Once a girl came up to me and asked me if I was looking for wild women. She said if I was that she was the wildest women in town and I had better go along with her and promenade. But I told her to get to Hell, and I turned and walked the other way and then she started  to cuss me. I will tell you more about this when I get with you and can talk with you. 
   Well darling I do not know what else to write for I am all out of news. I hope that you are well again and able to be about and please do not worry any more and you will get well so much quicker. I will soon be back and then I am going to make you happy. Hoping to hear from you soon again and to hear that you are well and to be with you soon or sooner.
 I remain with lots of love an d sweet kisses,

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