Hispanic Sergeant 72nd Infantry Brigade, 36th Division WWI Letter

This Letter was written by  Hispanic Sergeant, in the 72nd Infantry Brigade, 36th Infantry Division, during WWI, from France, September 10, 1918. From the letter…..


   I wonder if the Hun Submarines have sunk the boast that are carrying our mail. I have never yet received a letter from you acknowledging a single message that I sent you. I do not even know if you or anyone else in the family had received any cards announcing our safe arrival.
   I do hope I’ll get a letter this week at least. Be sure to acknowledge every letter that you receive, please, and mention the number, this enabling me to determine the rate in which a letter travels homeward. Also remember what I am going to tell you about address: Always use the last address at the bottom of each letter. You will note that after the signature, there is always my address. If you should get more than one letter at a time, not the date, and use the address contained in the latest date.
   There  is no news that I can write about. The home papers will tell you now the war is progressing.
   When you write, let me know, please how senora is, and how you enjoyed your stay in Eureka Springs.
   Tell padre to write to me. Remember me to Arthur and Carrie and the children. In conclusion I want you to always bear in mind that I will never forget, cannot forget that which you already know. With all my love and devotion to you always, your --Queri  

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