Hispanic Soldier 72nd Infantry Brigade, 36th Infantry Division WWI Letter

This letter was written by a Hispanic Soldier by the name of Fernandez. He was writing from Tanlay, Department of Yonne, France, after armistice, on February 11, 1919. He was with the 72nd Infantry Brigade, 36th Infantry Division. From the letter……


   Day before yesterday I received your nice long letter of January 11th which I will not answer now, as I only have a few minutes.
   I have been writing to you and senora regularly twice a week, and I do not understand why both of you always complain about not getting any letters. After I write to both of you, it is up to Uncle Sam to get the letters to you, and you will have to be patient until he gets them to you.
   Darling girl, I am sorry to tell you that something has come up that we will not be able to leave from here this month of February, as I wrote you in my last letter. But be patient, love, as I am sure that we will be home by next summer at the longest.
   In the meantime, I am ordered to take five soldiers to Lamalou-les-bain, in Southern France, in the Department of Herault, near the Mediterranean Coast. We will be there 7 days, and we will be gone from Tanlay for about 14 or 15 days, because the trains in France are usually two to four days late in both ends of the line. I am going there to see France, as a student and not as a mad soldier who lavishes on the immoral side of life. I am the only one in my little squad or platoon who “speaks a little French” and I know I will have to “father them” all the time. I dread the trip which is dirty inconvenient, and very uncomfortable. The Europeans do not know the comforts of travel as we have at home. But one great consolation, I will be able to take two baths a day in a real bath room and shower sprays.
   One of the boys has already asked me to join him company. “In what!” I asked. “Well,” he replied, “when we get into our hotel, I am going to get in the bath tub and soak myself all day. I am going to get a big cigar, a novel, and a rubber pillow and lie down in a tub full of warm water, and do like Caesar did, enjoy life.” 
   Darling, I am well, and will not forget you. I will tell you all about the trip and the place, and I will write to you from there.
   Did you ever receive the map I sent you? Tell “Padre” that the little truck farm idea, appeals to me very much, and I am still thinking abut it. If only I could get home soon! I am so anxious to get back, I hardly know what to do.
   I trust that Arthur and the baby have recovered from the flu, and don’t you take the flu.

Here’s all my love and devotion.

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