‘Somewhere in France’; Private First Class, Med. Dept. A.E.F. WWI Letter

May 19, 1918; ‘Somewhere in France’;  Private First Class, Med. Dept. A.E.F.

Hello. Georgia how are you I sure hope that you are well by this time I just got a letter saying that you was still at the same place and that you were sick. Say what is the matter with those people. Don’t they no that a sick person cant work but I am glad that the little boy is recovering.
If ever get sick while I am over here I will send for you. Ha. Ha. I am well and feeling fine to day. But it sure is warm here to day. The wind seldom ever blows here. Just as quiet. And you never here any thing only the big guns and air planes. When they come near, every thing is going fine with me. Still have the same job. We cant get any fresh meats any more on account of the hot weather. And we don’t get are have any ice over here
We use all caned meats . And say you no what I got three sacks of flour made in Hutchinson by Larbee Milling C.O. It sure was good we made biscuits out of all of it I am going to send one of the sacks back to them for I no them well and we boys are having lots of fun now playing ball. We don’t get any time until after supper, then we play until it gets dark.
We played the officers Friday night and beat them 19 to 8 this is Sunday so I don’t think that we will play to day. Had movies at the Y.M.C.A. last night and going to have preaching service to night. So you see what we have something to go to.
I am afraid that you have quit going any where are you don’t say anything about any good times you are having. Now Georgia don’t hold back from having a good time just because I am not there. For you no to have a good time while I was gone and to go with any one that you wanted to.
I will be back some time. But don’t know when it will be. Every thing is quiet here now. And we cant here what is going on, I sure hope that I am back by Xmas
I am glad that you think enough of me to take my picture with you when you go away from home I do suppose that you haft to put up a good talk about the Diamond but maybe you wont if I get back (?) Ha. Ha.
I sure would like to see you this is Sunday after noon. And if I was home I think that I no where I would be at
It hasn’t rained here for some time now. The hills around us are certainly beautiful. Well I think that this just about the crapyest letter that I have wrote for some time so I will close for this time and write again soon but please don’t get mad at anything that I have said with lots and lots Love Harry

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