Supply Company 308, Base #2 France 1918 WWI Letter

This letter was written by a soldier who was in France, with Supply Company 308, Base #2. It was written April 25, 1918. From the letter…..

My Dear Mother and all,

   Your most welcome letter of the 15th of March reache3d me April 20, and I sure am always glad to hear from home.
   I was also glad to hear from Dorothy, I’ll say, that she is a very good letter writer, for a little girl, and writes a very good hand, don’t you think.
   I received a nice long letter from Ella Mulley, and some Humbeldt papers, she speaks of doing lots of Red Cross, and church work.
   She certainly writes a very sensible interesting letter. I read in the paper where we are not going to receive any more packages, over here, until further notice, owing to such a heavy mail congestion at the present time, they want all the boat space for Army equipment, and I’ll say, that the US, is sure defying the Kaisers water Gophers, and only hope that we can check and conquer his dry land birds.
   I have seen in a States paper that California, the Southern part, had an earth quake, only hope you don’t have one as in 1905.
   Tobacco is scarce over here and as you mentioned, I sure would like to get some duram, I can go without money, but it would be a real hardship for me to go without Bull Duram. I supplied myself in the States to last me till now, so I have got to get some more on hand again. Cig papers are scarce too of which I am out of white ones, tho I have the brown pack that papa sent me also those 10 cent packs of Duram a pipe, also lots of Naptha Soap and hand soap, I don’t do any washing, as my hands are not well yet, but are improving slowly. Yesterday and today, has been a real nice day, but we have had lots of rain. I was sent to a different post, in charge of a small detail of men, tho still in Base #2. I was surprised with having men in charge as I have had no advancement yet, and don’t look for any.
   I only hope that you have moved to Arcata??, by this time so you can all rest up a little, will be nice for papa to be at home. Whishing you all well, and happy. 

I remain with love to all,  

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