Angers France Major WWI Letter December 31, 1918

This letter was written by a Major, in Angers, France, the month after armistice. From the letter…..

My Dearest Wife and Son,

   This is just a few lines to let you know that I have arrived here and that I am just five hundred miles nearer you than I was yesterday. Had a very tiresome trip. Lest Marseille at 7:25 PM Saturday arrived at Paris at 10:30 AM Sunday and it took us just six hours to locate our baggage and get it transferred across the city to another Depot, we stayed over night there and left at 8:00 AM and arrived here at 2:00 PM yesterday, it rains all the time in Paris and around here, the trains are like an ice box, my ink just gave out. I did not sleep at all Saturday night, they don’t have sleepers on trains over here, you have to sit up all night, I caught a very bad cold on the train and could not sleep Sunday night, my cold is much better and I slept last night from 8 until 6 this morning. In the room I am in there are four other Majors and a Lieutenant Colonel, we have no lights in our room and for mess we eat Government Straight and pay two dollars per day. We don’t know how long we will be here, probably a week or ten days and then we will got to a port, I don’t know which one and there if we are lucky and there is a boat then we will sail home to our loved ones or we may have to wait there.
They do not have any accommodation here for Major and over we probably will have to wait at the port and get out of here, I can’t get home to soon. I have had a cold one after another ever since I had the flu and it is time for me to get out of France. We have breakfast at 7 lunch at 12 and dinner at 5 with nothing to do. Will let you know just as soon as I arrive in the good old USA. Will send you a wire. Tell Yutch he can keep the dish towel just the same after dad comes home. Well dear will write again in a few days,

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