Convois Auto Private WWI Letter, July 11, 1918

This letter was written by a private, who was with American Mission,  M.T.O, A.E.F., Convois Auto, Par B.C.M. From the letter….

   Dear Cousin,

   I received your king and welcome letter yesterday and was sure glad to hear from yo u, and also was some surprised. I am well and rolling the old truck every day. We have been out every day this week except today, and we cleaned the trucks up. Every thing is quiet now. We have had fine weather ever since I got over here. I have been over here four months, and it seems like a year.
   Well, they don’t have very many chickens over here. The Y.M.C.A. is the most wonderful thing we have here. We get all of our smoking and other things we need. When we have night trips they have came and gave us all the hot cocoa we could drink and some fine cookies, and to wind up on, we got two cigars a piece. No I haven’t learned any French yet. I am going to get some pictures taken in a few days and if they are any good I will send you some. You tell your mother that I got a letter from home and Uncle Will said that Grandpa was well, but was as poor as anyone could get and live. When I left home, he was nothing but skin and bones. 

Well, will close,    

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