130th US Infantry Doctor WWI Letter (British Ambulance Co.) June 20, 1918

 This letter was written by a U.S. Doctor, who was with the 130th Infantry, but at the time was assigned to a British Field Ambulance Unit. The letter was written, June 20, 1918. (this letter was one of six found in the same envelope) From the letter…..

  Well Dear, I still am looking for a letter or letters from home and of course the ones I love most. We got a lot of malaria cases in today wish I could tell you the details of where they are from and all about them but some haven’t been home for 2 ½ years, even on a furlough.
   Wonder how long it will be before I can get one we hope that it will soon be over and I won’t need one. I hear the bombs exploding and anti aircraft guns going in the distance since I began this so quite warlike sounds like 4th of July used to before the ? 4th days. Well I have charge of all the noninfectious cases now in the hospital so will be a bit busier. Don’t know how long I will be here now but am a little anxious to get back to the line again. Haven’t heard from the Base 14 yet may be I have a letter in that.
   Dear you don’t know how hard it is to write when you haven’t heard from one for so long to get inspirations. I forgot to number my letters too the last time or so but this must be about 9 or 10. I have written. It rained quiet hard today so things look quite nice again the flowers here are certainly beautiful. The old lady in whose house we mess has a bouquet on the table for us nearly every day changed fresh. I told you I billeted with the Padre or priest. They go thru a chant for about 20 minutes or so every night. I came in time for the last of it tonight of course it is only a rumble up here in my room much less there close. Don’t hear a great deal of war news, that I can tell but I guess we are doing all right. Wish I could drop in and surprise you dear tonight and tell you all that I could express that is in my heart for you.
   This is a bad place for influences such as you have heard of but dear when I think of you and the loved ones at home I could no more be faithless to you and them now than I could before.

Good night dear,

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