US Doctor With British Ambulance Co. WWI Letter 1918

This letter was written by a U.S. Doctor, who was with the 130th Infantry, but at the time was assigned to a British Unit. The letter was written “Somewhere else in France, June 6, 1918. (this letter was one of six found in the same envelope) From the letter…..

   Am still with the English. At present things are pretty quiet. Was on a dandy trip yesterday. Stopped and saw Tomlinson got a few things and went on to divisional headquarters and after some trouble finally got my pay voucher filled out and got a check in franks to be cashed at any Bank of France exchange. I got paid 10% additional from the 16 so I got a little additional as follows.

5.7 franks to the dollar we get, so I have 245.67 frank check which don’t mean very much money either. I have a great time getting used to this money although I don’t have very much chance to spend it though. While I am here my board will take the most of it but the board is surely great. I am orderly officer today or about what we could call officer of the day, my duties are to go about and inspect camp, the meals, etc. to see if well cooked any complaints, sanitation dispose of any of the sick or ambulance cases and of course my rounds of the patients, I make 2X a day. I got a quite interesting book today to read, and finished it too. A Spanish story with at love story mingled in it. I had to keep my mind occupied you know. Think I will have to learn a little French while I have a chance. We or rather I may be sent back to my Reg. before long. They will be glad to see me too I guess. Sure looked good to see Tommie. Haven’t been out but once to see the country yesterday I went with a Major and Lieutenant the way was beautiful, green fields everywhere. Then some of the land has narrow valleys or “draws” all green. Not many rocks seen. Then we came to the sea which was very quiet. I looked your way too I many say and couldn’t help but wonder when we too would not have that long gulf between us.
   I saw some English and a few American nurses they did look good, but I only did look except asked one where a certain hospital was where they Major wanted to get a tooth fixed. Dear there isn’t much to write and I feel sentimental but don’t allow myself to get homesick but you know I do a lot of thinking, one can realize what war is a little more by being able to talk with them who have fought and bled for their countries. We do hope it will soon be over anyway but we have to hope and pray for the best.
   Wish I could talk to you and all the rest. Fondest love to you dearie and best of wishes. Hope I get a letter soon. None so fare for a month now.


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