101st Ambulance Company WWI Letter January 1918

This letter was written January 28, 1918, but a soldier, who was in the 101st Ambulance Company, during WWI. From the letter…..

   Once more I write you so as you won’t think me dead and I don’t feel as though I am.
   I hope this letter will find you well and happy as I have always met you. I am feeling fairly well and hope to continue to be so.
   Say you can talk about picking up girls in France but let me tell you that the girls out here are far from the U.S.A. girls and far more respectful.
   Of course there are several American girls here as nurses and they seem to be as glad to see an American fellow as we are to see the girls from the U.S.A.
   Remember me to your mother and Dad also your sister. Wish you were out here I think you would like this kind of life, and believe me I wished I would tell you a good deal more than I am permitted to. I have been receiving mail quit regular and like wise I answer them for I am kept busy answering in my spare time.
   The weather out here is very fine considering the place and time of year. We are very well off.
   Well I guess although I have probably written very little I will have to close. Hoping to hear from you again, I remain your friend,

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