130th Infantry Doctor Luxembourg 1919 Photo and clipping WWI Letter

This letter was written by a Doctor, who was a Captain with the 130th Infantry, during WWI. He was writing from Luxembourg, March 17, 1919. With the letter was a small photo of  Castel Moestroff, and a newspaper clipping showing the “New Ruler of Luxembourg“. From the letter…..

   Well, this is Tuesday and all is well. The officers at the battalion have gotten quite a craze to play ball now. Some have a game scheduled with H Company beginning tomorrow. We started about 4 days ago.  The Chaplain was so sore he couldn’t hardly walk the next day. I didn’t notice it any, probably because I have been exercising some daily. Are you dear? I know you don’t get a chance to when on a case, unless you go to your room.
   Tried out my horse yesterday he has plenty of life and good mind. Has rather leggy looks like a trotter and he can trot pretty well too. I sure do hope we get a chance to get home soon. They are not sending units home in the order of their arrival.
   Was in hopes we would get some mail today, but guess we won’t. We get mail about 2 times a week sometimes. Your mail is coming fine and I am always glad to hear from my dear wife. I told you about the picture of the crowd we had here it came out pretty good so will send you one, so you can see the Luxembourg Elite and know why I want to get home.
   I have been trying to get Lt. Miller to put in for a leave and go to Niece but he doesn’t  get very enthusiastic. I suppose if we don’t go we will regret it later as it may be a long time before I will have the chance to see the country again.
   We got an order the other day that we all have to take the typhoid vaccination again only one shot though. Really I hate to get stuck they say the needles are big ones. Has been one town that a lot of the civilians had it but have never had a case of typhoid in the regiment to my knowledge.
   I got some pictures so will send you some they will be better kept by you than me.

Hope to see you before long, 
On the back of this picture was written "Castle Moestroff". There is a line pointing to the Captain's room.
This newspaper clipping shows Grand-duchess Charlette "New Ruler of Luxemburg"

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