130th Infantry Doctor Luxembourg WWI Letter 1919

 This letter was written by a Doctor, who was a Lt. with the 130th Infantry, during WWI. He was writing from Luxembourg, January 12, 1919. From the letter…..

Well, this was a questionable day, whether it was raining or snowing. After so long Lt. T is Captain. His commission went thru dated May 28, and just notified of it officially about 3 or 4 days ago. He wrote a letter of acceptance June 22 so he may get back pay from then but it sure is great isn’t it. Really it takes all the pleasure out of a promotion doesn’t it? Really I fell like refusing one if I get one. If it want’ that people back home would think it was queer or a lack of ability to get one and I need the money. Lt. T is Reg. Surg. Now while Capt. H is away. T was over to see me today and eat dinner here. We had a good visit all right. He went down and back on the train.
   Will sure be a most pleased person to get back to civil life again and with you wherever that will be dearie. Sure think I will wait till they call me if I ever go to the army again. To see some of the articles that go thru and some of the orders that come out it is enough to make a civilian medical man want to get back and that bad. Wish I was able to go back before the regiment. The Drs. That were the last to go are the first to get back so they sure have it on us.
   There was a young Dr. in Museatine that did that way. Wish I knew whether I would go there or elsewhere.
   I was quite surprised the other day I saw Seidler who is a Lt. was at the Ruse a while as my junior. He knew you too. He is Division G.U. (?) man now. Was 13 months with the English and in 3 retreats. He sure has changed and I think for the better. Really he is quite a fine fellow and seems to be getting along fine too. When he came in he said hello. I couldn’t say his name but of course knew him and finally asked him and then remembered him of course. I was over with a load of men who had syphilis and stayed all night with him had a good visit with him. I guess those who work with the English were not looked after as to promotion at all. All are anxious to get home.
   Lt. T had the flu about 3 days he went to bed and stayed there after sick call so he got along OK. I insisted on him doing that told him  I would help him any way I could to let me know, but he soon got better so he came down to see me today. We went over a general order that came out today about Sanitation so spent a few hours together after dinner. He sure is a good one and Mrs. T don’t need to worry about him as he goes out of his way even to avoid temptation (don’t need to tell her I said so) in those words or any thing in fact as I don’t thin she needs any assurance. Guess he will go back to Harveyville when he goes to practice again. He is quite well established so don’t blame him much but wouldn’t care a whole lot for the country drives would you?
   Hope these Germans and Russians quit killing each other or at least till I get out of the army.

Love as ever,


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