Graves Registration Service France WWI Letter May 5, 1919

This letter was written by a soldier who was in France during WWI. At the time he wrote this letter, he was with the grave registration service. May  5, 1919. From the letter…..
   Just got thru with supper and will endeavor to write an answer to your letter no. 30 of April 18. I surely was glad to hear from you once again. It has been nearly a week that I have heard from you and was longing for a letter and to hear how you were getting alone. Your letter No. 28 and 29 I have not received and suppose that they were delayed somewhere. I guess that is the reason that I did not get to hear from you sooner. The mail service is very poor over in this section, but never less we must be satisfied the way it is.
   I am very sorry to hear that you are not well and hope and pray with all my heart that you will be better the next letter I get from you. I have been anxious to hear how you were after I got your letter No. 27. But I have hopes that you will not get very sick and will be better soon. I sure do have a lot to worry about. I have to be very careful with my health, as it is very damp here and most o the time it is raining. I am very careful with myself, so I do not get sick and I always try and keep dry and not get wet feet or get  a cold at night. I do not hardly go any where but to the Y.M.C.A. and here in the office, and most of the time I stay in or near the barracks.
    I did have a lot of trouble with my throat this spring and now it is alright and am feeling very good. I have been getting pretty fat here lately and weigh about 165 pounds. That is 20 pounds heavier than you ever saw me. I sure am some hunk of fat. But I suppose that I will get thinner as soon as it gets good and hot.
   Am sending you a few snapshots in this letter and will explain them to you when I get home. These are from around the camp here and the one with the wide street is from Paris. I will send you more as I get them and soon  I will have some of myself. The frogs are so slow in getting them printed.
   Well darling we have won the championship in the baseball this afternoon. The 2nd Calvary and our team played the game off and the one that won will represent this section. Well, we won with a score of 5 to 2 and now we will probably get to travel some around here and play other games. Probably I will not but I hope that I will. I will go on my leave Wednesday and I will keep writing to you as often as I can.
   Hoping to hear from you soon again, I remain with lots and lots of love and sweetheart kisses.

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