Hispanic Soldier 72nd Infantry Brigade, 36th Infantry Division WWI Letter Jan. 13 1919

This letter was written by an Hispanic Soldier, who was in France, September 12, 1918. He was in the 72nd Infantry Brigade, 36th Infantry Division. From the letter…..

 Your letters of Dec. 11 and 10th were received last night together with two little precious boks, one of which is “The First Christmas Story“, and the other (I forget the title just now as I have not read it, and it is in my room and I am writing in our office). “The First Christmas” is a dear little book and I read it last night in bed. I am so glad you sent them to me, because I have been very hungry for books like them. This little town of Tanlay is so small that there are only very few little stores and no books to be had. I will read the  other one tonight before I go to sleep.
   I trust you have been getting my letters regularly, and also I hope you have received the map of France. In it you will see many of the places and towns I have been in, though not all, as it does not show all the towns we fought over.
   Dear little heart, I am sorry I could not send you a present from here, because there is none to be obtained. The largest town near here is “Tonnerre, but we cannot go over there, except on official business, because it is the Corps Headquarters. Only men of the service on duty can go over and they must have special permits. Then, too, the stores there are lacking what I would like to send.
   Nevertheless, you know Sweetheart, that my heart and soul are always with you. And that I live only for you. In your last letter of Dec. 11th, you said that we might have to wait, because Senora said, “we must not be in a hurry”. Sweetheart, it is you and I that are the ones to live the life we set out to make for ourselves. It is you and I that are the ones to live with each other. Of course I understand what her motives in saying that. But my own mind is fully made up, as to when and in what condition we will get married. This I have already explained in previous letters, also in a letter to our dear “Padre,” which I trust he will soon answer. If he can make any opening for me, (or if not) if I can secure a position (and I am sure I can)after I get back, and our Daddy gives us his blessing we will then get married, regardless of all other seeming obstacles. If we can make an honest beginning, and our love grows stronger each day as it does now, this making our lives one and inseparable, what other necessities are there that we have not, which must hinder us from realizing the happiness in store in our love?
   In France I have seen hundreds of family who, although made to suffer more by the horrors of war, are happy in their poverty, living a happy, contented life, without selfishness and jealousy. And so dearest, as long as you are sure that I can make you happy, let us not wait any more than we have to.
   The Kodak pictures of Arthur’s babies are certainly good, and those little rascals almost made me homesick. Tell “Padre” to write to me and to answer my letter.
   Here’s all  my love and devotion and know that I love only you. Devotedly your own,

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