Lt. Doctor "Somewhere in France? May 1918 WWI Letter

This letter was written by a 1st Lt. who was “Somewhere in France” May 28, 1918, during the Great War. He was a doctor with the 130th Infantry. From the letter…..

This is the second letter I have written you since starting from U.S.A. How is everybody anyway? Really this doesn’t seem like there is a war going on. Everything is so green here that one thinks of the green pastures of Iowa. Every field is so small that the landscape seems cut up into little plots of ground with old stone fences about them which are so old that they look like dirt fences all covered with grass, vines, and bushes. Many of the little fields have milk cows grazing in them all just rolling fat as the pastures are so good. In some of the fields there are still a lot of rock which have worked toward the surface since the fields have been cleared of rock when the fences were made hundreds of years ago I guess.
   Looking south of here, I see a church steeple which must be a part of one of the French churches, so many of which have been wrecked. Everywhere one looks they see only see only stone houses, all old, they say no new ones have been built in the last hundred years and it sure looks it. Surely everything is quaint here cats such as one sees pictures of in the geography. By the roads everywhere one sees signs on the buildings commerce de vina(?) which are wine stores. Really it doesn’t seem strange that France doesn’t take the lead in things before the war with so much wine at the peoples disposal and I think there will be a lot less drank after this war. Everybody seems glad to be on land again so they can get cleaned and rested up. Some are over to a little creek this eve washing their clothes.
   There was one of the corps men who fell in up to his waist yesterday he got his share of jollying all right. It seems strange that it doesn’t get dark here till about 10 o’clock in the evening. There was some of the finest sunsets on the ocean. Seems like the sun would go down in the sea when the sun would touch the horizon.
   There is very heavy dews here every night as for making it bad if one had to sleep outside tents which we don’t do. There are flowers everywhere seems the fields of clover look like big red flower beds the blossoms are the reddest I ever saw on clover. Am anxious to hear from you. Tell me if you got your allotment all right for May.

With love as ever,   

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