Neufchateau, France Graves Registraton WWI Letter

This letter was written by a soldier who was in France during WWI. He was with the Graves Registration Service. April 14, 1919, from the letter……

   Received your letter of March 30th, no. 26 this noon and certainly glad to hear form my little girl again. I was also glad to get those clippings from the 37th Division and showed them to the boys here from the division. They were glad to see them. I also got a letter from Alvina and two from Ida. I sure was shocked to hear that Will and Alvina were the proud parents of a big baby girl.
   Everybody is getting married and having a good time and poor me is still in France, and doing my (“BIT”). Well I am glad that I had a chance to come over here and have seen the things that I have wanted to see for so long. Ida wrote that they have received a letter from Mart that he has at last reached good old U.S.A.(God’s Country) again. Well I hope that he will get out toot-sweet and get back to his loved ones at home. I wish I could of seen him before I left the Division, but I did not know where he was and the last time that I saw him was Christmas, at Wormhoudt, France. It was just at dinner time.
   Glad to hear that you are receiving the news papers that I am sending you, for I know there are things that will interest you a whole lot. Do Mr. and Mrs. Schlatter read them? I suppose that they do, and are glad to get a look at them. I wish that you would keep them and I can explain a lot of things in there that you cannot see, or understand. Especially the battles that are listed inn there around Verdun. I wrote on one of them the divisions that were in the lines when the big drive started on September 26th. They are put down there just as they were situated on the front lines and ready to go over the top.
   Played ball this afternoon. It was raining a little and a bad day to play. Did not get to play yesterday, for it rained all day and also Saturday. It is still raining and hope that it will soon let up. The score was three and three in the 6th inning and we had to quit for tit was getting to wet. I had to umpire the game and it sure is a ticklish job to that for a decision is never right for the players. But the Lieutenants said that I done good and gave them both a square deal. I hope that I will not have to umpire the game again, for I do not lie it.

Here’s a little bulletin posted in the Y.M.C.A.


Dear Friends,

   You are cordially invited to attend the shrapnel dance, to be held in the front line, near Verdun, lively time expected, music furnished by shells, bullets and grenades, this may last a week. Aviators may drop in on their way across the lines. A mustard gas attack will be the feature, the main attraction of the evening will be the Duty Trench Slide and the Dug Out One Step. You can get your ticket by applying at any Recruiting station. Hoping to see you take advantage of this opportunity, we remain.

Your Volunteer Friends,
The Suicide Club  

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