US Army Doctor WWI Letter from France June 27, 1918

This letter was written by an army doctor, who was in France, June 27, 1918. The letter was one of two in the same envelope. From the letter…..

   I had another very pleasant PM today I got your letters up to 22. In fact 2 with the same no. 22. So I guess you will not blame me for getting the number confused will you?
   Am glad you got the check. Was glad the bank so near balanced. Haven’t checked any at present and now since I am back don’t think I will ever have to as I have 52 Franks and should get my pay this month any time. Was glad I allotted as much as I did but would of run close if I had to board with the English all the time. Costs $.43 a day board now and what extra we buy. It is the battalion mess I board at now. Have very good eats too.
   See Tomlinson every day. He comes back tomorrow night or the next AM will be glad to see him too as gets rather lonesome alone. I have an English officer with me tomorrow night so, good thing he will come back or I may get one for good.
   I am glad to be remembered by so many faithful Christians in their prayers and am sure they will be rewarded too by my return, as much the reverse to the Huns. Looks fine on the Austrian front doesn’t it dear! Oh if they would only settle this war and not make us have to give up so many of our boys and lose so many of their men at the same time.

Must close darling with lots of love as ever,  

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