US Army Doctor WWI Letter from Luxembourg 1919

This letter was written by a U.S. Army Doctor, who was in Luxembourg at the time he wrote the letter February 1919. From the letter…..

   Well this is Sat. P.M. and all is quiet and I am going to commune with you for a while. Hope you have gotten so many letters from me that you have had to take a day off to read them. Sure was sorry the mail service was as bad and didn’t have a chance to send letters very often either so all in all I guess we will have to blame the conditions that exist for the delay. I know ho it is not to get letters as I miss yours so much when they are delayed and every one dear makes me wish I was going back to the U.S. instead of the letter I write in answer to yours. But dearie I will be there someday and wont’ that be a sunny day even if it is cloudy. We were up to Dirkirch to the division medical conference Friday and saw a lot of the doctors and had a rather enjoyable meeting too. Seems nice to get away for a while each week and thing we will really look forward to the meetings soon, if nothing else. Capt. T. Captain Humphrey are going to either the 5th or 7th Division’s meeting today and will report what they find when they come back from a 15 day furlough today and I am glad as I won’t have as many details to look after as when he was away. I examined a Sgt. This AM who is recommended for 2nd Lt in the officers Reserve Corps of the Army when the army is demobilized. They should be able to get officers enough to have a rather formidable latent army should they ever need them and may Gad forbid that they ever have use for them again., I surely would hate to have to leave home and you again for army work even in the S.O.S. Really dear when one is in one place so long it is hard to write anything interesting in letters but still I enjoy writing just because it is you dear. Haven’t’ gotten my picture taken again as yet may get me a new suit if we stay much longer, to keep for a good one to come home in. As it wouldn’t do for me to come home in and not be dressed up to go about with my wife in her new one. I know you will look stunning and am looking for your photograph everyday. Think you will change your mind about me looking over worked and health broken when you see any picture, while they may flatter they tell the truth usually when it come to the comeliness of ladies. I think I sent you the regimental list of the Divisions activities over here or rather their accomplishments. This list is from brigade and is same but will send it. We got a heath report for the Division giving the number of each organization. We had the low4est number of any of the regiment except mumps and they can’t be well prevented when any over are to develop they usually get them. Hope I don’t get them. Surely is not because I haven’t been exposed is it? Hope the several cases won’t occur after this last bunch gets back. One thing they won’ t go home till they are cured anyway. Seems to bad that people will be so foolish to take such chances let alone the principle of the thing. It was estimated that a conservative estimate of the cases of syphilis occurring in the French army averaged 50,000 a year making about 250,000 cases during the war. This will mean besides the spreading of the disease among the civilians probably 400,000 still births or babies that die soon after birth from the effects o ti. Is it any wonder our government is so careful and legislates against the officers to save our country from the terrible scourge. Believe me dear if I have to do the final inspection before embarking they will have to be pretty cute to get by and will surely have to stay even if they are officers as they have had fair warning. That surely would be a hard thing to explain why they didn’t come home with their company in some cases no doubt. I am surely glad I have no remorse along those lines and our happiness will never be marred by any misconduct from either of us I am sure. Will say again that I am very anxious to get home.

Lots of love,

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