130th Infantry Doctor WWI Letter 1919

This letter was written by a Army Doctor, who was with the 130th Infantry, during WWI. From the letter…..

   I just got your April 1, letter today. Sure makes me feel good to get such nice letters in which you say so many nice things about your hubby. Hope I can still uphold my reputation. Didn’t have any tricks played on me. We leave this area the AM of the 25th, have the Pershing inspection the 22nd. I tell you darling there is  a lot of happy boys just now getting happier as the days go by. I am in hopes those pictures will be good an show some things of real interest. Your supposition was right all right.
   I guess Ellen got her wish in Thompson as Mayor. I think that must be some Supt. To want to see the teachers wages cut down. Hope Ray will soon be back too and we can have the big reunion then with him there.
   Father said we would go fishing when we come out there. You never went trout fishing did you dear. It is sure great sport. We will go out in the hills and do some revolver shooting too dear as I want you to know how to shoot well, then you won’t ever be afraid to stay alone with one of the guns I have at your disposal not that you would anyway, but it is a good pastime to shoot anyway. Am anxious to get back to the USA and you.

Lots of love to the dearest wife in the world,
The photo below was contained in this letter, but was not mentioned. Someone wrote "Young Machine Gunners at the top of the photo.

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