Camp Merritt New Jersey WWI Letter

This letter was written by Hispanic soldier, who was just back from France, at Camp Merritt, waiting to be discharged, April 26, 1919. From the letter…..

   You are so near now, and yet still so far, because I am still here in Camp Merritt, waiting, waiting, and waiting to be discharged. There is one consolation though, I see on the bulletin board that my company is scheduled to entrain for Camp Bowie on the 30th of this month, so you see, you will not have time to answer this. But don’t be impatient, dearest heart, because I do not think I will be detained in Camp Bowie, longer than 3 days. Then, Sweetheart, I will come to you just as fast as possible.
   It has been over a month since I last heard from you, and the letters, which I have with me, were dated in March. But of course I must not forget your dear telegram sent me on Easter; I just meant letters that I miss so much.
   No doubt the General is home now, and perhaps he had already told you a lot of news, or perhaps you have not seen him yet.
   I wonder how you are, and if you realize that I have already crossed the sea to come to you.
   How is Padre, is he well? Be sure and tell him that I send my love to him too, and that though I do not mention him much in my letters to you, he has a definite and fixed place in my heart.
   It is cold here now. It snowed last night. But we have good comfortable barracks with large heaters.
   Good night dear! I am going to bed now, and dream of you.

All my devotion,

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