Camp Upton WWI Letter May 12, 1918

This letter was written by a Army Doctor, who was at Camp Upton, preparing to leave for France during WWI. The letter is undated, but is postmarked May 12, 1918. From the letter…..

   Dear Wife,
   I sure had a nice trip. We left Camp Logan at about 10 o’clock. Had rained so we didn’t make good time to start with. Went thru a corner of Arkansas and Missouri. Then thru Ill. Went by way of Cleveland then by Erie, Pa. Scranton, Pa. At Scranton we saw how the ground was caving in due to being undermined by cold building cracking and some falling in. We had no measles or mumps develop, but one boy got a compound fracture of the lower 1/3 right humerus and the radius lower 1/3 of same arm the latter was just a simple one. There was a box setting on a trunk truck along the platform and was sucked in by the train, it hit 4 men all on the elbows. 3 were corporals. They only got bruises however. Was just about an hour from New York too when it happened. I was complimented by the Drs at the base hospital for the way we put it up not having much facilities to do with. The 129 I guess are gone. Haven’t heard from McArhur yet. Think I will write him today.
   We sure had a good trip do wish you could have been along, and I would of enjoyed it more. We are quit4e busy here have tried to get this done for three settings. Now again after the fourth I will try again. Did you get your check book? Dear I am going to a lot to you  $1.25 a month then you can deposit it as we did before. Then you also can keep account of what we know goes to the bank. You can still do business with the Muscatine State Bank if you wish, since they were so good about taking care of my things. Then they pay any insurance too there. If you want to start 2 accounts one there and one there in Chicago so as not to have all our savings in one pile you may. I want you to decide that. I think a big mistake is made when a wife doesn’t know about her husbands affairs even under normal conditions. I want you to always know my affairs as well as myself.
   I sent the night letter as I wanted you to know where to send the mail and also to let you know that I was OK. Now I hope you will always be as brave as you were when we said goodbye. I think of you as the little wife whom nobody knows the courage fortitude or strength you possess except me whose treasure you are.
   When Nellie comes home I want you to go to Colorado to visit the people at home. I know you will enjoy it there and know that they will enjoy your visit even more than you and Edith too if she wishes to go.  Must close dearest with love as always.

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