US Army Doctor WWI Letter Camp Logan Texas 1918

This letter was written by a US Army Doctor, who was in training during WWI, at Camp Logan, Texas, April 16, 1918. From the letter…..

   I received your second letter today, seems like old times to be getting letters from you again. Well everything seems to be pointing to our going before many weeks, they think but they have been talking that way so long I don’t believe anything I hear and only half of what I see. Looks suspicious however I haven’t seen any orders or hear of any being sent. However it will be a month or more I think as the drafted men they sent down haven’t’ been to shoot yet. We were sent out another officer yesterday PM. 8 today a Lt. Smith from the same company and nearly the same location in the barracks at Ft. Riley we had some talking over old times and quite a good time. We have the men sick in two field hospital tents about 68 in all and full we are sending some to isolation in their companies for isolation there. But hope to be thru with it soon. I didn’t lose any time when I had my attack but feel OK now for two days, Capt. Yerkes and I had our hands full I tell you that. Since we had them together they don’t take so much time. I would make 29 or 30 calls and give med. A morning besides inspecting etc. kept us going. If you come out bring me a pair of sox and BVD’s, but I am so busy that you better not make a special trip unless you come in a bunch like you speak of as you were here and saw the place. Of course I would be pleased to see you anytime.

Love as ever, 

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