US Army Doctor WWI Letter from France June 25, 1918

This letter was written by a U.S. Doctor, who was in France during WWI, June 25, 1918. He spent some time with a British Ambulance Company, but when this letter was written, he was back with his regiment. From the letter…..

   I had a very happy evening last night, reading letters I have received, 11th letter you numbered mailed May 18. Seemed oh so good to hear from you dear. Also got two letters from home, one from Washington stating they had received your allotment all right one from the claim agent of the Lecuana R.R. concerning the injured cased by that box striking those men’s arms.
   Now for the insurance. I only am going to pay the premium on the policy made to you dear till I get back out to making something after the war. I got Father to take out the N. England Mutual when the war was just declared as I would have to go whether I enlisted or not. At the end of 3 years he can cash in the policy and make the policy only cost him about $40.00 a year to carry it as I got him to take it out as a business investment as I figured in 3 years I would either be safe or he would be $5,000.00 ahead and I wanted them to be safe either way. I pay the government insurance out of my salary every month, so that $6.90 is deducted monthly from that. If you get any statements just write home before you do anything as Father will take care of the ones in his and mother’s favor as he can handle them better than we as we want to save enough to start independently don’t we dear?
   Dear you know we are only supposed to have 50 lbs. of stuff with us including bed roll and all so maybe you hadn’t better send that kit till later anyway, and then they will have things regulated to run smoothly.
   Tomlinson is away for 4 days instruction now so I am Battalion Surgeon. Major is still the same only is with us at this town. Some of the men just got back from the trenches and have some good experiences to tell. The way they are going to have us do I guess we won’t be in much danger so don’t worry dearie about me will you. It may be months before I go even up to the lone. I think I told you I got the quilt the night before we left Upton was nice and warm all right. I sure enjoyed it will always keep it with me. I think for emergency when I have to leave my bed roll behind.
   Am looking eagerly for some more letters darling.


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