U.S. Doctor's WWI Letter from Luxembourg January 1919

This letter was written by a US Doctor, who at the time he wrote this letter was in Luxembourg, January 17, 1919. From the letter……

   I got a couple of letters, back ones, but nevertheless very welcome. Lt. Hazel and I were up to the division today to hear the second lecture of the 2nd army consulting physician Lt. Col. Brook. Will say that he gave the two best talks I have heard along medical lines since I have been in the army. Also saw T and of course spent the time down there together. Saw a lot of the old timers, at Logan also. Major Tuttle gave us a talk about the same caliber as he usually does. Lt. Mills came over and Major Gravenhorst sent the Sgt. Maj. Up and said a Dr. was down there to see us.
   I got a letter from home too. Was amused at Mother’s letter to you about me being so much older. I am sure feeling fine now dearie and am sure I didn’t let the responsibility weigh too heavy on me as I got over that worrying while in the medical school and hospital. It doesn’t pay.
   I will be a happy man to get back to you dear and believe me dearie I will never appreciate a home as much as I will after being away so long.
   I saw the first moon tonight that I have seen in Luxembourg. Was eating supper and thru the window just over the crest of a mountain like hill, I saw the moon come out behind it and raise above. Suppose you saw the same one last night, if only I could travel to see you that quick, I would be delighted.
   I seem to be getting quite a practice here among the civilians. Had a boy with a broken left tibia, two babies, little boy, 3 grandmas, two young girls, two adult men and the worst part of it is they keep coming more and more. Also an old maid I almost forgot about. The people here seem very appreciative of what you do for them. I lost my little German English dictionary just when I needed it. Must get one when I can, and increase my vocabulary a little especially if I stay over here very long. Hate to think of that last word.

Love as ever darling,

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