WWI Message From King George to US Troops, April 1918

During WWI, when American Soldiers were going to France, they passed through England. They received a warm welcome from appreciative British Citizens. And they also received something that many of them sent home as a prized possession. It was a greeting from King George.

Many of these soldiers were homesick, and scared, so this show of appreciation was surely appreciated and welcome.

When U.S. Soldiers left for France to fight in WWI, their first stop, was usually in England. After arriving at their barracks, the soldiers from America were each presented with an envelope. On the envelope were the words,


The following message was delivered to the American Troops, from His Majesty King George. It was offered as thanks, and encouragement to troops on their way to the trenches. 

The message.........

Windsor Castle.......Soldiers of the United States, the people of the British Isles welcome you on your way to take your stand beside the Armies of many Nations now fighting in the Old World the great battle for human freedom.
The Allies will gain new heart and spirit in your company. I wish that I could shake the hand of each one of you and bid you God speed on your mission.......April 1918

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