WWI, WW1 Letter Camp Funston, June 21, 1918

Written by a soldier at Camp Funston, Kansas, in June 1918. From the letter……Our mail is one of our greatest joys while at war and John’s was fine. I was cleaning my rifle to be turned in when I got the letter, was preparing for my transfer then. Am in a building now down by the depot waiting for my turn out. Have been transferred to the “Signal Corps” go to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. Do field work in AM and study books in PM This work consists of telegraphy, motorcycle dispatching and field signals with flags. 18 of our company were chosen for this work I think I will like it fine, it will cause some hard study and maybe some extra brain matter but I think the class of work is much easier than the infantry. I do not know whether I can get off to come thru Peoria or not……..I may need a few things a little later on but at the present I am quite well fixed. The razor strap was and is a very handy article, I use it every day. We have to carry all of our belongings around with us in our barracks bag so the less we have the better it is. It weighs about 75 pounds now……..Negros have been coming in all day long, making room for 23,000 of the devils. They sure make tough, hard soldiers and fighters......
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