WWI, WW1 Letter, Camp MacArthur, Texas, January 11, 1918

Written by a soldier at Camp MacArthur, Waco, Texas, in January 1918. From the letter………I will send you something from Texas before I leave here, which will not be long as we are fully equipped now for over seas and some of the different detachments from this Division are already in Camp Mills, Long Island, we won’t be here over two weeks…….We have had fine weather for a long time down here until this snow and hail storm lasts night but it will be warm tomorrow. Two of the Company D 126th Infantry Lieutenant’s tents burned up last night and they lost nearly all their new clothes which amounted to about $1,000.00 they had just bought it for over sea service but every man in our company gave 25 or 50 cents to them to replace their clothes. There are 250 in our Company and 15 companies in the Regiment so there will be more than enough to buy as much as they had…….. Willard is at Fort Sam Houston just about two hundred miles from here……..
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