WWI, WW1 Letter, Camp McClellan, Alabama 1918

Written by a soldier at Camp McClellan, Anniston, Alabama, in May 1918. From the letter…….I have been in the hospital since I wrote you last. I had a touch of the grip and it was no fun at all believe me. We were out on a trip to Piedmont, Alabama about 30 miles from here, it was rainy and the ground was wet, we sleep on the ground. I was all right for two nights and on the third I carried the band in town in my wagon and was taken sick while in town, they brought me back to the field hospital where I staid for a few days. We had a big fire in camp last night but I haven’t heard yet exactly how much damage was done. It was over in the 116th Infantry, the Virginia troops. The fire looked from here like the whole camp was on fire......
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