WWI, WW1 Letter, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, June 1918

Written by a soldier at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, in June 1918. From the letter………I have been in my new home 4 days now. Am well, happy and still pounding along fine. We are in next to the highest branch of service in the army a pretty good jump from the Infantry the lowest. We eat off of white tables, , have white dishes, waiters, and dish washers, like heaven along side of Funston. 300 out of 30,000 of us came up here from Funston. We all passed our over-sea exam and our physiological text the 1st time so are the choice of our companies from Funston. The “Signal Corps” is used to gather and transmit the information of the Army. We all have to be ready for use in Telegraphy (wire and wireless both.) Radio work and all other methods used, ready for any kind at any time. We use our head instead of our backs used in the infantry…….
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