WWI, WW1 Letter, Milliken Regimental Union, First Maine Heavy Field Artillery

Written by a Captain in Milliken Regiment, named for the Governor of Maine. The First Maine Heavy Field Artillery logo is on the cover and letter. The letter is posted from Westfield, Massachusetts. From the letter……Now as regarding the waiting, I will say that I expect we will move next week from here and there is no question but what we will go south, and when we do dear I will look around for a place for you……..but where they have shoved the dam officers school in after supper it takes away the time that I used to write to you so it is necessary that I write late at night and mail the next morning so there will be a little different schedule from now on……….Please don’t worry about my cold dear because it is coming fine and I think I will be able to throw it off by tomorrow and the cough also. Things are going just the same here rotten- Major Webber is an awful bonehead he and I scrap at least a dozen times a day about how to do things……..Majors days are numbered in this outfit I think from all appearances…..
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